Friday, April 19, 2013

"Me Unmasked" 30 day Instagram challenge

This is a bit scary! For all my mummy friends and anyone else who wants in:

I feel led to start an Instagram photo-a-day challenge

BUT it’s different- very different. 
It’s vulnerable.  
It’s imperfect. Exposing. Unpolished. 
It’s raw and it’s YOU - warts & all. 

Here’s why I’m doing it-

I get so many nice comments and encouraging messages from lovely friends on IG & FB, both from friends and acquaintances that I might not see regularly in real life.
Comments like,  “You’re such a great mum”, “You’re so creative”, “I  just love seeing your happy children”... etc etc. And while these comments are nice and often true- I can feel a little guilty about the fact that these lovely, encouraging friends don’t get to see the whole picture. They see what I allow them to. I control it. It’s all real, but it’s not complete.
Life is good for me, I am blessed and happy. BUT, it’s also messy. You don’t see that online. Behind my iphone is little old me, not very presentable at all. Lots of insecurities and failings. Uhuh!

I struggle- often.
I feel inadequate- most days.

So I feel a challenge to let some of the mess find its way to the surface, and dare I say it, share it with you! An article I recently read spurred this into being. The basic gist was this: in the online FB & IG world, we can carefully choose to post snippets of our lives we feel are worthy of sharing. We post the Masterchef meal (NOT last nights lentil slop that looked like spew- true story), we post the cute smile (NOT the 10 other terrible shots we took to get it, or the kooky faces we pulled to get the smile in the first place), we post the beautiful coffee in front of us (NOT the mountain of mess behind us). We certainly don’t think to run for the camera when the kids are going nutso or we’re in the middle of a big stinking attitude cloud. Instead, we might grab our phones in those moments to ‘escape’ to a happy place in the midst of our own chaos. And to top it off- Pinterest (oh how I love it!) not only inspires us, it also leaves us feeling not quite as clever, creative or beautiful as the rest of the 'magazine-ready' world out there (huh). there is so much inspiration, so many ideas, so much to do and achieve! It’s exhausting. 

I don’t think there’s anything much wrong with posting nice things. Of course we want to share good and happy things. That’s GOOD! It inspires. We celebrate the good times. We were originally made for perfection, that’s why we crave it, and long to see it, be a part of other people’s niceness. We feel connected.

 BUT SOMETIMES, when our news feeds are full of other people’s carefully chosen, polished, filtered, rosy & hilarious lives- we can feel quite inadequate. We feel like everyone else is doing fine while we feel broken, messy, frustrated or completely frazzled by circumstances or children. 

I don’t want this to be a depressing reality check- or so that people will comment and make me feel better. And social media isn’t the place for airing your dirty laundry or diving into the depths of your personal struggles. But it’s also not the place to act like you’ve got it all together, intentional or not!  
“Me Unmasked” is not a emo-fest or a pity-party. But rather- I want it to liberate others. I want people to break free of fear of judgement, fear of others. To bare our weakness and wounds and make room for God’s strength. To be vulnerable. To offer a more accurate picture of what’s going on in our worlds. I want to be a sister, a friend and an encourager to others. To allow others to be imperfect, and be loved anyway. Because that’s what God does for us. In your weakness, He is made strong. In our imperfection, He loves.

We all long to be fully known- and fully loved, anyway,
despite our shortcomings and ugly parts.

This challenge is mainly for me, but I'm letting you in on it, because after much discussion with close girlfriends, I realise I’m not alone in my feeling of inadequacy.

Christian or not- I challenge you to take part in “Me Unmasked” . To let go of your carefully crafted online life. Sabotage it, even! To let go of presenting yourself and your world so well. 

Join me?

I think you’ll find it liberating.  

I’m fairly scared and nervous, but hey- let's do it anyway! 

*If we’re not friends already, add me on IG if you’re in-  my username is ‘jlydiak’
Don’t forget to hashtag your posts #meunmasked so we can link to all posts.
Feel free to invite other people to participate.
Sometimes you might not have a photo, but a thought, so be sure to screenshot your notes J

Monday, June 25, 2012

Back on the bandwagon

My dear friend Ilana just started blogging and it inspired me to get back on here and write!
I have not alowed myself to feel bound by this blog, feeling I HAVE to write something often. If I have  nothing to say, i wont make up junk. But that being said, lots has been missed, and here's why!

I have been a little allusive the last 3 months since Layla was born. Life is busier with 2 kids! Nap time becomes allll about getting things done that I simply can't do when they're awake. So blogging is not on that 'essential things to get done' list.

But having 2 is not that hard really, when you have easy going babies like mine.  It's all about planning ahead and getting ready in time if you want to go anywhere! And routine. I love routine (but flexibility is always required with kiddies-  if you want a life!)
I've been getting used to managing my time better. Meal planning is my new best friend. Love it!!

Layla is also sleeping through the night 7-7 already, so sleep is always great for me. Such a blessing!!

Tonight has been fun. It started off well, with the kids went to bed at 7 as usual but Grey and I had dinner by ourselves tonight. It was lovely! We chatted and laughed by ourselves instead of shovelling food into mouths other than our own. Not that I mind feeing my son, but it was a nice treat not to!
Then Graeme cheekily sprayed me with water..... so I threw my cup of water in his face... then he threw a handful of the leftover dinner at me... haha! So silly!!
Then we had to clean it all up...
The fun continued as we tried to figure out what was wrong with our dishwasher, plunging the drainage hole like lunatics only to realise we'd interrupted the cycle early and it hadn't FINISHED draining. Haha. Ooops.

We were clearly on a role with DIY genius so we glue-gunned our vanity handles and bin slidey thing. Nothing but class people, nothing but class!
Then I got excited by our new wood-burning tool and we started decorating our chopping-boards with wood-burning art! So fun!! We burnt a giant crocodile cartoon into our favourite chopping board, wwhhhhaat the?!! Gotta live a little.
I love that man. We always have fun together. It crossed my mind that it was silly, immature and irresponsible to draw crocodiles on chopping boards when you've been married 5 years with 2 kids.... But what is that?! That is BORING. That is SAFE. That is NORMAL. That is not fun. And we are not interested in being mundane. I know certain people who are wayyyy to concerned about acting 'mature' and 'proper' and boy do they miss out on so much fun!!!

FUN- it's so important. Marriage can get stale and stagnant without some major "LOL's" as they say.
I am so glad he is not boring. What a blessing!!
We get out and do fun things. We go hiking (pics below) with our friends who don't have kids, and we just take ours! They love it! We like living life. Kids don't have to slow you down as some people whinge. It's a choice. It's certainly harder, but you choose to get out and about anyway.

Some pictures of late:

Graeme's sister Heidi got married! It was beautiful!

She was very good!

Graeme (2nd left) and his siblings oldest to youngest...

...and tallest to shortest! (G in the middle)

my little popcorn muncher enjoying some Winnie the Pooh

Loves the ride-on-mower....

my fav!

My babies and I

Not a good photo officially, but oh how I love how it captures life with two. 

We went on a great hike with some even greater freinds. 

Took my 10 week old hiking... it was a slightly harrowing experience but we had lots of fun and we all survived!

This little boy was quite exhausted by the whole experience!
The crocodile that now  lives on our chopping board.... grey can draw one thing and one thing only... this guy appears on many things! Notepads, whiteboards, college homework and now chopping boards.... I believe it is a rip off of the coloured pencil packets we used to have in Primary School.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I am the twinkle in my fathers eye

Some song words that spoke to me today in church...
I am the twinkle in my father's eye 
I am the reason behind his smile 
I am the one his arms are open for 
I am the one he is calling for

Beautiful. We are so loved.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's a girl!

On the 29th of March we welcomed our newest addition, a baby sister for Josiah, miss Layla!!
8lb2oz, chubby and healthy!
My labour was great, drug free and uncomplicated. Story to come :)

We are in love!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sewing an easy baby dress

Today I made a cute little dress for this mystery baby in my womb who is due in 9 days :)
We dont know if it's a boy or a girl, but I really wanted to make a dress as I've never tried before.
Sorry baby, if you're a boy! I guess I will give it to someone else's precious girly if so!
It was a fun project either way :)

I found a basic tutorial here (although unless I am completely blind, a cutting pattern was lacking, so I freehand drew my own). It has really simple easy instructions. I appreciate those kinds of tutorials!

Also made a matching headband with elastic and sewed on the fabric flower tutorial found here.

I just love the pretty 'daintiness' of it. I wonder if I will have a little lady to put in it?! Totally fine if not, boy or girl makes no difference to us. I have a hunch its a girl though ;) We shall see! So exciting, not knowing! LOVE IT!!!

My porcelain dolly as the model :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Love and tears

Watching these 2 play together this week has had me in tears every day! Just the sweetest thing. The love these two share is so beautiful to watch. I have been overcome with gratitude and joy!
Grey is such a good daddy. These two boys are just wonderful. So much joy in every day :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Photo post

Photos can do most of the talking today :)

I have....

Celebrated Australia day like so.

Showed Josiah his baby photos, which totally captivated him!

Made a cool baby mobile with felt :)

Quilted the quilt top on my first ever quilt for Josiah's new room :)

Got bigger! Now 34 weeks pregnant :)