Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Quiet Book Revealed!

So a few of you have been asking about this quiet book. On Christmas eve, I finally got it done! Lots of photos ahead...
I made two of these, one for my niece and one for my son (What was I thinking making 2?!). It was fabulously fun, but time consuming. Far more than I thought!
They were basically the same, except my niece's one had a girlier cover and a few different pages that I forgot to photograph. I generally just made 2 of everything as I went. Here is the cover on hers:, using one of my fav Cath Kidston fabrics! (and crappy phone camera).

The process:
  • Has excited me.
  • Hogged my time.
  • Cost me (lots) of money (mainly because I bought tools I didn't yet have, like an eyelet punch and snap punch etc).
  • Bored me.
  • Frazzled me
  • Expanded my skills
  • Satisfied me.
But its done and I am very pleased with it. Josiah loves it! And it works! (The keeping him quiet bit!).
It definitely needs supervision at this age though (20 months). The pieces go flying lost all over the room if you're not there to guide and coach :)

For those of you that like templates and tutorials, sorry but I don't have any. I have mentioned a few links along the way to some templates I used... but mainly I just made it up and cut out pieces as I went, or printed a clip-art template on paper and traced around it and cut. Its pretty easy.

  • Felt (a tonne! Maybe 40 sheets of colour?)
  • Stiff felt for page base.
  • Velcro
  • Snap studs
  • Eyelets
  • giant Scrapbooking rings
  • Hot glue
  • Goggle eyes
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Printable fabric
  • Zipper
  • Other random bits and bobs, fabric scraps :)
I got a lot of inspiration by compiling a Pinterest board. Here is mine if you want to look:
Also, this blog is a good one! How to Make a Quiet Book

And now for photos...

 The cover. Fabric from a local quilting store... cotton ...not sure who by but so cool!
I couldn't decide what to do for the cover for ages. I originally thought a title would be nice, "Josiah's quiet book', but then the thought of making each of my consecutive children a quiet book each daunted me so much so that I thought I'd rather keep it multi-child user friendly! Hence the fabric being fairly gender neutral as well.

 The button closure is a fake! Button is for cuteness, but Velcro is easier for little hands.
 Noah's ark Page. My zipper was too long really, but didn't have any more in my craft stash and was impatient to get the pages finished NOW (how unusual of me ;p)
Rainbow and portholes made on printable fabric. Dolphins are iron on appliqu├ęs I had lying around in my stash from when I was about 14. Hence their dorkiness. I don't love them, I'll be honest. But now they're ironed on securely :( !

 Finger puppets inside the ark, bought from eBay for a few dollars delivered. Pack of 10.
 Token mailbox page. You gotta do it. Its so cute! Paper and pen on opposite page for writing their own letters to 'post' (perhaps in a few years!).
Think I used a template from Serving Pink Lemonade for my basic layout.
 Fabric envelopes addressed to my boy.
 Fabric letter written to him.
 This is one of his favourites. I made this up because he loves fish so much and does this cute little fish 'noise' all the time... melts me.
The fish and ducks snap on and off the page with snap studs.  The baby ducks are supposed to be going for their first swim in the lake with mama duck.You can also just twirl them around without taking them off.
 This was fun, but I had seen so many tutorials and blogs with shoe pages and templates that seemed too hard or too tacky. I just cut the sole off a real baby shoe and sewed it right onto the page. Easiest page by far!

 The dress up doll is great. Love his little Velcro undies as seen below! I decided to make a washing machine to play with too, and it doubles as a place to store the extra clothing in. I used clear plastic tablecloth material for the window in the machine. Mini pegs for hanging the washing to dry. I got lazy and used white thread for the brown poles...

The fridge page is one of my favourites. After I made the fridge though, I was looking at it thinking it looks so boring! What can I do to jazz it up? What do fridges actually have on them? Magnets... photos... :)
So I printed some very mini family photos onto the printable fabric I had. Bingo! Cute and personalised fridge.

Build a sandwich on the plate page opposite .The cutlery is removable to spread the butter etc on the bread.
  It is at this point some of you may notice that we are located in Australia.... Vegemite = yum!
Printable fabric used for Vegemite and butter.
 There is supposed to be a nice piece of cheese in the mix too. But It's lost, already! Must make a new slice!
 This page took the longest. Love it though. So many fun details. Street names, detachable fire trucks and police cars, garages and street signs. Joey loves it!
 The petrol pump I made with the end of a shoelace.
 Garage where the cars 'park' and Velcro in so as not to get lost.
 Potentially my favourite page. I found these cute strawberries on eBay for so cheap. pack off 100!
My great friend Rachel also decided to make a quiet book for her son at the same time as me. She owns a "Cricut" machine and she figured out you can put stiff felt in it to cut out shapes (it is meant mainly for paper)! So the apples and fawn were done using that. So nice and neat :)

Josiah loves picking all the apples and strawberries and storing them in the basket on the opposite page:
Note the owl peeping out of his hollow! Special thanks to Rachel for the Cricut borrow and the rattan table runner she stole from her lounge room and hacked up to use for my basket!
 The token Barn page. Cute. My doors don't close... oh well.
Template based on  one I saw at  Homemade By Jill
Finger puppets :)

So that sums it up really.
Fun project. Took me 2 1/2 months... of working a couple hours a week.
Very pleased with it. I hope he enjoys it for many years to come. it has already proven very useful on our family holidays when he wakes up earlier than everyone else wants to get up. Kept him quiet for an extra 1/2 hour each morning!

Happy to answer any questions!


  1. Jaclyn, this turned out amazing! I am so impressed and so amazed you tackled 2 quiet books. What a nice aunt you are:)
    I would love to link to your blog/post to share your ideas and finished product with others. Let me know if that is okay. You should be so proud of yourself! :) -Anna (

  2. Wow! This is amazing! You did a wonderful job, no wonder Josiah loves it :)

  3. Jax!!! Oh my goodness! I love it so much! You did such a super mega high good job!

    I reallllly want to make one for the little boys for Christmas this year so maybe one page a month?

    Well done my friend! It really is fantastic!!


  4. You quiet book turned out amazing! You did a really nice job and picked some great pages. I especially love the roap map page. The details are great. Thanks for the link.

  5. Jaclyn, you are a complete rockstar; I love love LOVE Jo's book! The most stunning! xox

  6. Hi Jaclyn,(I couldn't find an e-mail address, so I'm answering you here)

    Thank you so much for your kind words... I wish I could meet you too! Someday maybe there will be a way for so many of us to get together!

    I put the recipe for the Scalloped potatoes on today's post. They were soooo good, and easy, you'll love them!
    Have a great day!

  7. Wow, I can't believe you made that. It's so awesome!

  8. What a labor of love. You put so much into it. Wonderful project. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thank you Jaclyn! I found your page while looking around for quiet books on the net and I love this. My favourite detail is the jar of Vegemite, being an Aussie girl myself :) I made a tactile quiet book for our grand-daughter when she was little ( and am looking for ideas for an activities book now. I found several ideas here that I hope you won't mind me using? Thank you again :)

  10. I love it, it is so cute!!!! I do hope he loved it too :)
    I discovered your blog today, it's awesome!!

  11. Love the apple tree page. I have made a page just like it for my niece's quiet book and am linking your book to my blog. Thanks! :)

  12. Wow, Your quiet book is awesome, i want to share it with all my friends because i haven't seen one finished so well in a long time! You have inspired me, I have wanted to make one each for my two children for a while and have put it off because alot that I have seen were not as good as yours, I will go off and happily try my own Ideas with more confidence after seeing yours!
    Miranda from Tazzie

  13. Love it. My son's name is Josiah, too. He is now 13. Wish I would of done things like this. Its never too late to start now.

  14. Your book is so cute! I just finished one too and wanted to ask you about inserting eyelets. What tool did you use? what size eyelet did you use? I want to do a ring to bind my book like you did and am having a hard time finding a tool that will easily punch so I can place an eyelet. Any help you can offer would be appreciated!

    1. hi Kanani, sorry this comment is a year too late... I used an eyelet puinching tool I bought off amazon. The eyelets are about 1/2 a cm wide?

  15. If you ever would make one of these to sell I would love to buy one! Even a used one!!!

  16. I would love to buy one (or even a used one), if your selling PLEASE let me know :)

    1. Hi Heather,
      as it took soooo long, it would a be a complete rip off for you to buy, as I would not sell it for any less than about $300 to cover time and materials! sorry :/

  17. Bond says....Very lovely job. I just finished one for my grandson and I never realized how long it would take to make it. Thanks for sharing pictures of your beautiful work. I love the letter you wrote. What a great keepsake this will be. Bravo.

  18. Great job! I have one question: How big is your quiet book? Thank you!

  19. Omg I want this!! So jealous! Awesome job! Do you sell them?

  20. Omg! I love this and want it!! Awesome job! Do you sell them?

    1. No, sorry, it would be too expensive. It took me so long I would have to sell them for like $300.. haha.

  21. Jaclyn,

    Do you have any templates for your Quiet Book? It's so awesome!

    1. sorry no templetes, i have linked to a couple i used though.


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